The SAFER Project

Safer Access for Everyone in the Rainbow Project (SAFER) was a three-year (2021-2024) capacity-building initiative funded by the Women’s Program at Women and Gender Equality Canada (WAGE).

Through SAFER, Wisdom2Action (W2A), in partnership with Access Open Minds, the Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CCGSD), the Enchante Network, Gris MTL, 2 Spirits in Motion Society (2SiMS), Kickstand, Kind Space, YWCA Halifax, and Elder Blu, and a council of 2SLGBTQIA+ youth from across Canada, delivering training, a public education campaign, and national and regional knowledge mobilizing events, to address and prevent gender-based violence (GBV) against 2SLGBTQIA+ youth. SAFER was made possible due to the generous support provided by the Women’s Program at Women and Gender Equality (WAGE).


  1. Launch and convene two national advisory councils:
  • National 2SLGBTQ+ Youth Advisory Council (YAC) 
  • Project Advisory Council (PAC) comprised of representatives from 2SLGBTQ+ community organizations and youth-serving organizations
  1. Develop curricula and provide training for 2SLGBTQ+ organizations and youth-serving organizations that address:
  • Gender-based violence (GBV) against 2SLGBTQ+ youth 
  • 2SLGBTQ+ youth engagement 
  • How to be a positive bystander and prevent street harassment and public violence against 2SLGBTQ+ youth
  1. Public education and prevention:
  • Undertake national and regional public education and prevention campaigns, in French and English, to address street harassment and other forms of public violence against 2SLGBTQ+ youth

Wisdom2Action Wisdom2Action (W2A) is a social enterprise and consulting firm. Through W2A’s commitment to anti-oppression, community engagement, and evidence-based practice, we help civil society organizations and governments facilitate change and strengthen communities.

This project has been funded by Women
and Gender Equality Canada: