2 Spirits in Motion Society

2 Spirits in Motion will create, maintain, and strengthen a safe and supportive social environment for 2 Spirit people to feel and be loved, succeed, and become empowered to make their own decisions and to find and express their purpose in life.  Serving as a national sounding board, the organization works to advance the interests of 2 Spirit people. 

To create, maintain, and strengthen a safe and supportive environment for 2 Spirit people to express themselves through cultural ways of knowing and being around gender and sexuality; and to succeed and be empowered in all areas that are grounded in the medicines that 2 Spirit people carry.

Access Open Minds

ACCESS Open Minds is a national youth mental health network uniting youth, families/carers, leading researchers, service providers and decision makers in revolutionizing services and leading ground-breaking research. In collaboration with youth and family in their local communities, we have created spaces where young people feel welcomed and safe when they receive mental health services. We hope to learn from 2SLGBTQ+ youth and organizations through the SAFER project so that we can continue fostering safe spaces and mental health services for young people across the country.

The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity (CCGSD)

The Canadian Centre for Gender and Sexual Diversity is a national youth-focused 2SLGBTQ+ organization with a mission to empower sexually and gender diverse people through education, advocacy, and research. Our vision is a world free from discrimination where marginalized people are free to make decisions for themselves and free of violence. Our interest in the project is centred on wanting to equip people with the right tools to eliminate gender-based violence towards 2SLGBTQ+ youth.

The Enchante Network (TEN)

The Enchanté Network will maintain a thriving network where we develop and share programs, resources and knowledge to support 2Spirit and LGBTQ+ communities. The Enchanté Network supports 2Spirit and LGBTQ+ communities from coast to coast to coast to be sustainable, vibrant, intersectional, indigenized and culturally competent.

Gris MTL

GRIS-Montréal, which stands for Research and Social Intervention Group, is a non-profit community organization that demystifies sexual orientation and gender identity by sharing testimonies of lived experiences. We are a family of more than 250 volunteers working tirelessly to build a more open and accepting society.

Its mission is to ensure a better awareness of the diversity of sexual orientations and gender identities, and to improve the integration of LGBT+ people into society. Since the values of our youths are being shaped in school, and that sometimes, unfortunately, ignorance can replace understanding, we have chosen to focus our demystification efforts in schools. We work primarily in high schools and CEGEPs in the greater Montréal area, but we have also adapted our interventions for 3rd cycle primary students.

Laureen Blu Waters (They/Them)

Laureen (Blu) Waters: Istchii Nikamoon: Earth Song, Wolf clan. Cree/Metis/Micmac, Blu is a member of the Metis Nation of Ontario.

Blu’s family is from Big River Saskatchewan, Star Blanket Reserve and Bra’dor Lake, Eskasoni First Nations, Cape Breton Nova Scotia, and the Red River. Blu grew up with their grandmother and learned about traditional medicines, learning healing methods and care of the sick. Their grandmother also shared her knowledge of the great teachings. 

Blu is currently working at Seneca College as an Elder on campus providing traditional teachings and one-to-one counselling.

Blu spent 2.5 years working for the National Inquiry for Murdered and Missing Women as a Grandmother to Commissioner Brian Eyelfson and sits on the Grandmother Circle.

Blu sits on the Thunder Women Healing Lodge as a Director of the Board.

Blu also sits as the Ontario representative for Metis people with 2 Spirits In Motion Board.

Blu also provides ceremony, teaching, and counselling for 2 Spirit People of the First Nations, in Toronto.

Blu was also the national caucus representative for the Toronto Urban Aboriginal strategies for five years working with the community of Toronto and the government. They are also a graduate of DeVry Institute of Technology receiving their business software micro-computer architecture and A+ certification.

Blu’s gifts include: Traditional teachings, giving traditional spirit names, hand drumming, song writer, creative writings, and full moon conductor. Pipe ceremonies and sweat lodge ceremonies and Traditional counselling. 

Blu is a 2 spirit person, a mother of 3, a grandmother of 3, a sun dancer, and a pipe carrier.


Kickstand’s mission is to transform the way that young people in Alberta access services and to ensure that young people are being provided with evidence-based and trauma-informed health, mental health, and social services. Kickstand is founded on an integrated youth services model, which seeks to bring together a range of primary care, mental health, substance use and social services, all under one roof. Our work is predicated on intentional partnerships with the philanthropic community, research institutions and community-based, youth-serving organizations across Alberta. We hope to transform access to care by aligning existing youth services in such a way that young people and their families can experience every door as the right door, as they navigate Alberta’s health system.

Our website:

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Kind Space is committed to providing Ottawa – located on unceded Algonquin territory, accessible resources, events, social, and educational programming to celebrate and support people of all sexual orientations, gender identities and expressions.

Interest and expertise related to the project:

  • Peer to peer development training
  • Anti-oppression/anti-racism training
  • Restorative and transformative justice practices
  • General 2SLGBTQ+ education and information

YWCA - Halifax

YWCA Halifax is Halifax Regional Municipality’s only organization that builds economic security, promotes wellness, and creates opportunities for women, girls, and their families by providing a strong voice and integrated services.

We are for, by, and about women, girls and trans and nonbinary individuals. We transform lives by providing a continuum of critical services and programs that build capacity for lasting positive change. We strive to change the underlying causes and issues that are root causes of inequality, violence, poverty, and homelessness.

Ce projet est financé par
Femmes et Égalité des genres Canada.